About Southern Oregon Drawdown

Our teams offers workshops, trainings, and support for getting folks like you into action to reverse climate change.

David Spinney

David Spinney, our principal facilitator, views climate change as a human issue, which requires human solutions. It’s not an external issue; it’s one that exists in us all, to some degree. Changing the climate requires changing ourselves, unfortunately. It would be far easier if it was simply a matter of installing enough solar panels and restoring more tropical forests, but it requires a new way of viewing the world, a new way of thinking, and new behavior patterns.

David has interned with the Human Awareness Institute for 35 years, leading many different HAI events. He is a member of our Drawdown Facilitation Team and our Drawdown Course Development Team. He also facilitates Pachamama Alliance’s Awakening the Dreamer, BrenĂ© Brown’s Connections Curriculum and Drawdown workshops. He also trains workshop facilitators.

Contact David at da***@**uthernoregondrawdown.org.

We simply could not do this work without the deep commitment and ongoing support of the Pachamama Alliance. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to these amazing folks!

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